Donica Health – committed to the best in Chinese medicine

Our mission is bring the best in Chinese herbal and acupuncture products to registered practitioners and through them to the public in general. Our aim is to allow everyone the opportunity to share in the wealth of the centuries-old tradition of the healing power of natural Chinese herbal remedies and food supplements combined with the latest technical developments in their production and application.

FCG Full Composition Granules represent a radical new approach to the formulation, production and quality control of concentrated herbal granules and Donica Health, their exclusive UK distributor, is proud to supply them to authorised health professionals. FCG granules present an effective and reliable resolution of the problem of granule equivalence to traditional herbal decoctions by determining an Equivalence Factor calculated for each individual substance rather than adhering to a fixed ratio of 5:1 or 7:1 irrespective of the substance’s characteristics.

FCG granules are specially formulated for dispensing through their own specifically developed fully-automated computer-controlled dispensary system installed in newly-built facilities just north of London and providing a clean and safe environment meeting the highest hygiene standards. FCG granule prescription dispensary services offer total prescription flexibility, enabling granules to be prepared according to individual prescriptions, standard dispensary formulas and standard specialist formulas, all delivered overnight.

Please use our site to browse our product range and services in detail. These products and services are only available to authorised health professionals for use in their clinical practice.