Dispensary Prescription Service for Registered Herbal Practitioners

How to use our Prescription Dispensary Services:

  • Step 1: Based on your assessment of the patient's condition, formulate a prescription in the same way as you would for raw herbs, using raw herb dosages.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account to submit your prescription to Donica Health via email using our online facility below. Alternatively, email dispensary@donicahealth.co.uk or submit by fax to 01707 707022. For those practitioners new to our dispensary facility, please state your professional affiliation when submitting your prescription.
  • Step 3: Please remember to include a dosage for each herb in your prescription and add the number of days for which the prescription is required.
  • Step 4: Your prescription will be input into our dispensary computer, which will use the appropriate equivalence factor to convert the dosage for each herb to the correct granule amount. At the same time, it will calculate the prescription price, which will need to be accepted by the practitioner before dispensing begins.
  • Step 5: Your prescription is then automatically dispensed in our computer-controlled dispensary, where the appropriate amount of each granule is selected from sealed containers and inserted in turn into individual sachets (one sachet being the equivalent of half a daily dose).
  • Step 6: The sachets are then hermetically sealed ready for use and despatched to the practitioner in handy-sized clearly-labelled boxes.

FCG granules and Donica Health's computer-controlled dispensing facility offer you full prescription flexibility for all your herbal granule requirements.

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