Dispensary Food Supplements

Donica Health stands at the forefront of food supplement granule dispensary technology with the introduction into the UK of a fully-automated computer-controlled granule dispensary system functioning in a GMP-standard environment for the benefit of all authorized health professionals including acupuncturists.

The whole dispensary procedure is carried out in a clean and safe environment meeting the highest hygiene standards – from the individual granules stored in sealed bottles to your food supplement requirements supplied in crimp-sealed, easy-to-use sachets.

We also offer a selection of standard classic food supplements as well as standard food supplements prepared according to your modifications, all delivered to you overnight.


Ganoderma Granules

Food supplement dispensed granules


30 capsules/bottle


Ginseng Granules

Food supplement dispensed granule


30 capsules/bottle


Cordyceps Sinensis Granules

Cordyceps Sinensis is a genus of parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects


30 capsules/bottle


Nian Ci An Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao

In 150g/bottle , 300g/bottle