Donica Health aims to issue regular Medical China Update newsletters to provide information helpful to health professionals in their clinical practice. Each newsletter will focus on a practical approach to commonly seen conditions and feature the experiences of leading clinical practitioners from East and West.

Our overall aim is to build up an extensive knowledge base and information source designed to allow qualified practitioners to access clinical best practice and learn from the experiences of fellow professionals relating to any aspect of Chinese Medicine.

At the same time, these newsletters will also function to offer English and Chinese versions of some of the vast amount of information generally only available to date in Chinese medical journals, carefully selected and translated to present Western practitioners with a reliable guide to contemporary clinical practice.

Newsletters will be available for download in pdf versions. More links will be added to this page as more newsletters are published. We welcome any contribution by health professionals, especially typical case histories from which other practitioners can learn.

Currently available newsletters (Chinese version only, 中文版):

Newsletter Issue 1 (Infertility)         Part 1          Part 2

Newsletter Issue 2 (Infertility, continued)

Newsletter Issue 3 (Eczema)

Newsletter Issue 4 (Eczema, continued)

Newsletter Issue 5 (Menstrual disorders)