New Lock Ease Oil

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Achieves fast and effective results for pain, aches and stiffness by soothing the sinews, invigorating the blood and restoring the body's internal balance.

New Lock Ease Oil



New Lock Ease Oil contains essential oils extracted from a variety of Chinese herbs. This classical massage oil works rapidly and effectively to soothe the sinews, invigorate the blood and restore the body’s balance to ease aching, sore and stiff joints and muscles resulting for example from sporting or other activities or inclement weather. This is an excellent massage oil for all holistic therapists.

Ingredients     Menthol, wintergreen oil, camphor, lentisk oil, clove oil.

Directions for use     Apply a few drops of the massage oil to the areas to be massaged and rub gently for 5-10 minutes or until the area feels pleasantly hot. Application is recommended two to three times daily until recovery.

Price     Per 50ml bottle.