EAKU Needles

EAKU acupuncture needles are produced by Ma’anshan Bond Medical Instruments Co Ltd who specialise in the manufacture of disposable sterile acupuncture needles.

Whatever the requirement in terms of tip sharpness, body polish or variety of handles, EAKU has it all.

EAKU Stainless Steel Multipack

The new EAKU Multipack offers you high-quality EAKU needles in the familiar 10-needles-per-tube cluster packaging. Now you can enjoy quick and easy access to your needles and produce less waste. With 1,000 needles per box, the Multipack is a great solution for busy clinics.

  • Surgical stainless steel needle with spring handle.
  • Silicone coating for easy and almost painless puncture.
  • 10 needles with 1 tube per blister pack.